STANDCON is an annual flagship Cybersecurity Conference and Capture the Flag Competition organised by N0H4TS, Division Zero. This year, STANDCON will be held from  17 - 19 June 2022 virtually in Singapore, via Gather Town and Discord.

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If your query is not listed below, kindly drop us an email at overseersoffice@n0h4ts.com for clarification.

How will COVID-19 restrictions affect STANDCON 2022?

All STANDCON activities are held virtually to protect our participants. You will require a Zoom, Discord and Gather Town account which you can register for free and join us virtually for the event.

Who can participate in STANDCON Capture The Flag (CTF) competition?

Students from all Instituitions of Higher Learning  (IHL), i.e. Polytechnic, ITE, JC and University are welcome to join STANDCON CTF. Pre-enlistees and NSFs can sign up with your highest attained qualification. Please note, however, that all students will be competing in the same category.

Can I join STANDCON without participating in the Capture The Flag (CTF) competition?

Yes. Participants are welcome to sign up for the Conference activities, i.e. Webinar sessions from Main Track and/or Workshop Track in our sign up form. Prizes can still be won via the "Catch the Fishes" activity which releases "fishes" at regular intervals during webinars.

Can participants from different schools in Singapore form a team for STANDCON Capture The Flag (CTF) competition?

Yes, though optional, participants are encouraged to sign up for STANDCON CTF with other participants from different schools as a team to strengthen their community network.

Can I participate in STANDCON Capture The Flag (CTF) competition if I have less than 3 participants in my team?

If you have less than 3 participants in your team, STANDCON committee will assist you with matching with other registrants where possible.

Will pre-university graduates be considered as a member of the public when signing up for any workshop?

No. Pre-university graduates will be given the priority of a student when signing up for any workshop.


STANDCON is N0H4TS Flagship Cybersecurity Conference and CTF designed for all tertiary students in Singapore, with the support from Division Zero (Div0).